Excel financial modeling course

Are you living or based in the Netherlands, do you already master the basics of Excel and are you looking for an Excel financial modeling course? The Excel Specialist provides financial modeling courses in multiple languages like English, Dutch and German. The training of The Excel Specialist are easy and fun. Due to an enthusiastic trainer with a sense of humor and working with appealing datasets.

Excel financial modeling course

Excel course in English

The language of the course and the software can be adjusted as you like to Dutch or English. Their are various ways the training can be provided like: online, In-company or on an external location.

Structure of the training

The training will consist out of the module financial modeling with multiple lessons, like: . During the lesson you will be able to watch the explanation. Participate together with the trainer in the lesson and practice on your own. These will all be short steps. The repetion of watching, participation with the trainer and practice on your own, together with the short steps will make it easy for you the integrate the knowledge of that day.

Duration of the course

The duration of the course will be half a day.

Excel financial modeling course module

6 – Financial modeling

Version Excel financial modeling course

The Excel course will be given in the Office 365 version. The course members can bring their own devices as they like. If there is an older version of Excel on this device the content of the lesson will be adjusted to the functions that are available in this version. The Excel Specialist can also, for a regular compensation, provide you with a temporary laptop with Office 365.

Certificate after completion

After completion of the course the course members will receive a certificate of the module Pivot tables


For questions after the course you can directly contact your trainer at contact@de-excel-specialist.nl. You will receive an answer within 24 hours by phone or e-mail. This aftercare is exclusively for participants of our training course.

Excel financial modeling course Price

The price will largely depend on the number of participants. To give you an idea. Half a day In-company training in the neighbourhood of Ede for one participant will cost € 395,- excluding VAT. A full day of training for five participants will cost € 995 excluding VAT. Are you interested or do you want to know more? Please contact The Excel Specialist.